Dance- and Theater - Workshops
for schools, companies, theater and dance companies

“Don’t just watch performance arts – try them out as well!”

Over the course of the tour of my one-man-show, and also independent thereof, I offer the following workshops for both teenagers and adults, custom-designed for their respective priorities and ability levels:

Afro Contemporary Dance Workshop

Technical elements of this dance style:
Ballet, Limon, Graham, Release, Afro Dance

A typical session of this class would include:
Warm up, coordination exercises, “across the floor” dynamics, choreography, stretching, cool down

Depending on the financial state of things, accompaniment for the courses will be provided either by live percussionists or compact discs.

Afro Contemporary Dance is very approachable. Ease of movement and improvement come quickly for most who try it out. The dance style “Afro” is derived from African dances, which often have their origins in everyday movements.

Theater Workshop

Playful role-playing, with pre-provided or improvised texts, group dynamics, improvisation, development of creativity and personality

Acting out mock job interviews – voice work - rhetorical and physical expression - bringing out your natural self confidence - relief of stress and aggression Discounts, provided by the organization Kultur Kontakt Austria - - are available for schools in booking one of these workshops.
Inquiries for workshops should be directed to:

EU: +43-660-310-10-40
US: +1-323-377-2566

Workshop - Video
Recorded at the international dance festival “Bolzano Danza” in July 2007.