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Born near Vienna (Austria), Christoph Dostal studied acting at the Vienna Conservatory before winning the leading role in Wolfgang Murnberger´s feature film For God and Country at the age of 22. The film won the Viennese Film Prize and was the official Austrian entry for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.

With a scholarship from the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Sciences Christoph Dostal moved to London, where in addition to his acting he trained as a dancer/choreographer at the renowned London Contemporary Dance School.

His five year sojourn in London included work for international dance companies, such as: Bob Curtis Afro Modern Dance Company (Austria/Italy) and In-Transit Dance Company (UK). He also choreographed two dance theater pieces in the UK: Tentatively Tactile and Innit.

Dostal’s film and television work during this period included In Just 89 Seconds directed by Michael Hodges, as well as the TV-movies Sword of Honour (starring Daniel Craig, Channel 4) und The Waiting Time (starring John Thaw, ITV). In addition to these productions for British prime-time TV he appeared in many roles for German and Austrian TV-networks, including ZDF, SAT 1 and ORF.

Steven Spielberg cast him for his Award winning TV series Band of Brothers, directed by Oscar winner Tom Hanks and Tony To. Inspired by the success of his film Saving Private Ryan, the series also dealt with World War Two.

After receiving an invitation to play a leading role in one of the longest running German TV programs Forbidden Love, Christoph Dostal moved from London to Cologne (Germany). The program had an average daily viewership of over 3 million people.

After a one and a half year stint with the series, Christoph Dostal took an important personal step and declined to renew his contract. This allowed him to concentrate on writing, producing and performing The Boneman, his first one-man-show, based on a novel by the famous Austrian author Wolf Haas.

Whilst touring with his own theatre production he appeared in the Austrian/German TV-series Country Kids, the feature films A Man at the Bar by Petra Ladinigg and Distances by Alexander Stecher.

In the wake of the success of his first one man show Christoph Dostal produced his second show, called The Way Dogs Do and is touring with both his shows in Europe, Georgia, Armenia, Mexico and the US.

Additionally Christoph Dostal is in post production for his first film as a director - a documentary on the legendary dancer Bob Curtis .

Christoph Dostal starred at the Courtyard theatre in London in the original play POWER OF LOVE next to Kate Winslet´s sister Anna, directed by Ilmar Taska. He also starred in Goethe´s play “The Accomplices“ in 2011.

Christoph Dostal recently moved to Los Angeles to break into the US film- and TV market. He is the spokesperson for the multinational corporation Siemens.

Christoph Dostal just booked a lead role in an US independent film. More infos on that soon...